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Yamaha keyboards are some of the most popular home keyboards, with the first Portasound keyboards appearing in 1960. Throughout the 1980s up to modern times, they have been in fierce competition with Casio.

The PSR series consists mainly of keyboards with a set of 61 full-size keys, while the PSS series tends to have mini-keys and/or less than 61 keys. The EZ series has light-up keys meant for easy learning, and the YPT series was originally an expert series, and while it's not clear what the letters stand for, it's probably something similar to "Yamaha Portable Teclado", with teclado being the word for keyboard in Spanish.

See also the Yamaha synthesizers.


Yamaha DJX

Yamaha DJX-II

Yamaha DSR-1000

Yamaha DSR-2000

Yamaha DSR-500

Yamaha EZ-150

Yamaha EZ-20

Yamaha EZ-200

Yamaha EZ-220

Yamaha EZ-250i

Yamaha EZ-30

Yamaha EZ-300

Yamaha PortaSound MK-100

Yamaha PortaSound PC-100

Yamaha PortaSound PC-50

Yamaha PortaSound PS-1

Yamaha PortaSound PS-10

Yamaha PortaSound PS-2

Yamaha PortaSound PS-20

Yamaha PortaSound PS-200

Yamaha PortaSound PS-25

Yamaha PortaSound PS-3

Yamaha PortaSound PS-30

Yamaha PortaSound PS-300

Yamaha PortaSound PS-35

Yamaha PortaSound PS-400

Yamaha PortaSound VSS-100

Yamaha PortaSound VSS-200

Yamaha PortaSound VSS-30

Yamaha PS-55

Yamaha PS-6100

Yamaha PSR-100

Yamaha PSR-1000

Yamaha PSR-11

Yamaha PSR-110

Yamaha PSR-1100

Yamaha PSR-12

Yamaha PSR-130

Yamaha PSR-140

Yamaha PSR-15

Yamaha PSR-150

Yamaha PSR-1500

Yamaha PSR-16

Yamaha PSR-160

Yamaha PSR-170

Yamaha PSR-1700

Yamaha PSR-172

Yamaha PSR-175

Yamaha PSR-18

Yamaha PSR-180

Yamaha PSR-185

Yamaha PSR-19

Yamaha PSR-190

Yamaha PSR-195

Yamaha PSR-2

Yamaha PSR-200

Yamaha PSR-2000

Yamaha PSR-21

Yamaha PSR-210

Yamaha PSR-2100

Yamaha PSR-22

Yamaha PSR-220

Yamaha PSR-225

Yamaha PSR-230

Yamaha PSR-240

Yamaha PSR-248

Yamaha PSR-2500

Yamaha PSR-260

Yamaha PSR-262

Yamaha PSR-27

Yamaha PSR-270

Yamaha PSR-2700

Yamaha PSR-273

Yamaha PSR-275

Yamaha PSR-28

Yamaha PSR-280

Yamaha PSR-282

Yamaha PSR-290

Yamaha PSR-292

Yamaha PSR-293

Yamaha PSR-295

Yamaha PSR-3

Yamaha PSR-300

Yamaha PSR-3000

Yamaha PSR-31

Yamaha PSR-310

Yamaha PSR-32

Yamaha PSR-320

Yamaha PSR-330

Yamaha PSR-340

Yamaha PSR-350

Yamaha PSR-3500

Yamaha PSR-36

Yamaha PSR-38

Yamaha PSR-40

Yamaha PSR-400

Yamaha PSR-4000

Yamaha PSR-41

Yamaha PSR-410

Yamaha PSR-420

Yamaha PSR-450

Yamaha PSR-4500

Yamaha PSR-4600

Yamaha PSR-48

Yamaha PSR-50

Yamaha PSR-500

Yamaha PSR-510

Yamaha PSR-520

Yamaha PSR-530

Yamaha PSR-540

Yamaha PSR-550

Yamaha PSR-6

Yamaha PSR-60

Yamaha PSR-600

Yamaha PSR-6000

Yamaha PSR-620

Yamaha PSR-630

Yamaha PSR-6300

Yamaha PSR-64

Yamaha PSR-640

Yamaha PSR-7

Yamaha PSR-70

Yamaha PSR-7000

Yamaha PSR-73

Yamaha PSR-730

Yamaha PSR-74

Yamaha PSR-740

Yamaha PSR-75

Yamaha PSR-76

Yamaha PSR-77

Yamaha PSR-78

Yamaha PSR-79

Yamaha PSR-8

Yamaha PSR-80

Yamaha PSR-8000

Yamaha PSR-82

Yamaha PSR-83

Yamaha PSR-84

Yamaha PSR-85

Yamaha PSR-90

Yamaha PSR-9000

Yamaha PSR-9000 Pro

Yamaha PSR-A1000

Yamaha PSR-A2000

Yamaha PSR-A3

Yamaha PSR-A300

Yamaha PSR-A3000

Yamaha PSR-A350

Yamaha PSR-A5000

Yamaha PSR-E203

Yamaha PSR-E213

Yamaha PSR-E223

Yamaha PSR-E233

Yamaha PSR-E243

Yamaha PSR-E253

Yamaha PSR-E263

Yamaha PSR-E273

Yamaha PSR-E303

Yamaha PSR-E313

Yamaha PSR-E323

Yamaha PSR-E333

Yamaha PSR-E343

Yamaha PSR-E353

Yamaha PSR-E360

Yamaha PSR-E363

Yamaha PSR-E373

Yamaha PSR-E403

Yamaha PSR-E413

Yamaha PSR-E423

Yamaha PSR-E433

Yamaha PSR-E443

Yamaha PSR-E453

Yamaha PSR-E463

Yamaha PSR-E473

Yamaha PSR-EW300

Yamaha PSR-EW310

Yamaha PSR-EW400

Yamaha PSR-EW410

Yamaha PSR-EW425

Yamaha PSR-F50

Yamaha PSR-F51

Yamaha PSR-F52

Yamaha PSR-GX76

Yamaha PSR-I455

Yamaha PSR-I500

Yamaha PSR-OR700

Yamaha PSR-S500

Yamaha PSR-S550

Yamaha PSR-S650

Yamaha PSR-S670

Yamaha PSR-S700

Yamaha PSR-S710

Yamaha PSR-S750

Yamaha PSR-S770

Yamaha PSR-S775

Yamaha PSR-S900

Yamaha PSR-S910

Yamaha PSR-S950

Yamaha PSR-S970

Yamaha PSR-S975

Yamaha PSR-SX600

Yamaha PSR-SX700

Yamaha PSR-SX900

Yamaha PSS-100

Yamaha PSS-101

Yamaha PSS-102

Yamaha PSS-103

Yamaha PSS-104

Yamaha PSS-11

Yamaha PSS-110

Yamaha PSS-12

Yamaha PSS-120

Yamaha PSS-125

Yamaha PSS-130

Yamaha PSS-14

Yamaha PSS-140

Yamaha PSS-15

Yamaha PSS-150

Yamaha PSS-16

Yamaha PSS-160

Yamaha PSS-170

Yamaha PSS-190

Yamaha PSS-20

Yamaha PSS-21

Yamaha PSS-26

Yamaha PSS-260

Yamaha PSS-270

Yamaha PSS-280

Yamaha PSS-290

Yamaha PSS-30

Yamaha PSS-31

Yamaha PSS-360

Yamaha PSS-370

Yamaha PSS-380

Yamaha PSS-390

Yamaha PSS-401

Yamaha PSS-450

Yamaha PSS-460

Yamaha PSS-470

Yamaha PSS-480

Yamaha PSS-50

Yamaha PSS-51

Yamaha PSS-560

Yamaha PSS-570

Yamaha PSS-580

Yamaha PSS-590

Yamaha PSS-595

Yamaha PSS-6

Yamaha PSS-680

Yamaha PSS-7

Yamaha PSS-780

Yamaha PSS-790

Yamaha PSS-795

Yamaha PSS-80

Yamaha PSS-9

Yamaha PSS-A50

Yamaha PSS-E30 (Remie)

Yamaha PSS-F30

Yamaha YPT-200

Yamaha YPT-210

Yamaha YPT-220

Yamaha YPT-230

Yamaha YPT-240

Yamaha YPT-255

Yamaha YPT-260

Yamaha YPT-270

Yamaha YPT-300

Yamaha YPT-310

Yamaha YPT-320

Yamaha YPT-330

Yamaha YPT-340

Yamaha YPT-360

Yamaha YPT-370

Yamaha YPT-400

Yamaha YPT-410

Yamaha YPT-420