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Ketron is an Italian company specialized in producing keyboard arrangers. They also may keyboard-less "arranger modules" that include the same sounds and capabilities as their keyboard arrangers, but meant to be played with an external keyboard. Alhough we could easily have placed those modules in the sequencer section, we felt that it made more sense to keep them here with their keyboard counterparts.


Ketron Audya

Ketron Audya5

Ketron Event

Ketron SD1

Ketron SD3

Ketron SD4

Ketron SD40

Ketron SD5

Ketron SD60

Ketron SD7

Ketron SD9

Ketron SD90

Ketron Solton K160

Ketron Solton MS50

Ketron Solton MS60

Ketron Solton X1

Ketron Solton X4

Ketron Solton X8

Ketron Vega

Ketron XD3

Ketron XD9