About SoundProgramming.net

SoundProgramming.net exists to provide information and assistance to those who would write audio software, program synthesizers, develop firmware or hardware, and anything related to devices that convert electricity into sound.

Links are always welcome, but you should know that deep-linking to PDF files is disabled due to bandwidth concerns. Please link to the device page instead.

It's also OK if you want to copy and paste text from this site for your auction listings on eBay or Reverb. Attribution is appreciated but not required. Something like "from the description on soundprogramming.net" is nice. :)

We have a YouTube channel with Synthesizer and drum machine demo videos. Subscribe to be notified of new uploads.

SoundProgramming.net is maintained by Jason Champion.

We are looking for more manuals and equipment images. If you have a manual or photos you would like to contribute, please Contact Us. We would be happy to link to your music or band website as a thank you.

For music created with many of the synthesizers on this site, check out Bloodless Mushroom.