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The PSR-A1000 is an Arabic-scale keyboard. It has Arabian, Greek, Iranian, Khaligi, and Turkish styles and includes additional instruments not typically found on Yamaha keyboards such as nays, ouds, mizmars, and watariyats. It has dedicated panel buttons for setting its scale tuning.


Year Released: 2002

Keyboard: 61 keys

Polyphony: 32 notes

ROM: 756 sounds (including 480 XG voices), 190 rhythms, 20 drum kits

Effects: reverb, chorus, multi-effects DSP

Screen: 320 x 240 pixel LCD

Power Consumption: 31 watts

Dimensions: 974 mm x 399 mm x 161 mm

Weight: 10 kg

This keyboard is MIDI-enabled.

This keyboard has built-in 12-watt stereo speaker(s).

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