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The TG55 is a 16-bit sample-playback-based synthesizer that was released by Yamaha in 1989. It was Yamaha's first synthesizer based only on waveform samples and competed with the Roland U-110. It can store 64 voice memories in RAM and can also store additional patches on an MDC32 or MDC64 RAM card. It has waveform and data expansion card slots and features 34 built-in programmable digital effects including a resonant filter. The pre-programmed sounds are heavy on ambient pads and are typical of early 1990's synthesizers.

Yamaha refers to the synthesis method used in the TG55 as AWM2. This stands for Advanced Wave Memory and is just a fancy name for PCM samples. The original version of AWM was 12-bit, and version 2 is 16-bit. The TG55 refers to a sample oscillator as an "element" and each patch can have 1, 2, or 4 active elements.

The unit is very solid with high-quality construction, and a large percentage of them are still in operation more than 25 years after they were manufactured. They are typically inexpensive second-hand, and it's not rare to see a working TG55 sell for less than the price of one of its expansion cards.

It uses a standard CR2032 3V lithium battery for patch memories.

The Yamaha SY-55, a keyboard version of the TG-55, was released a year later. Many of the other members of the SY/TG series (SY22, SY35, SY77, SY99, TG33, and TG77) combined sampled waveforms and FM synthesis in their synthesis engine. The TG55's successor, the TG500, had a much larger sample ROM.

Available Expansion Cards: S5502 Drums 1, S5504 Brass Section, S5531 Syn Wave 1, S5551 Rock & Pop (List price $159 each)

Preset Patch Names:

1. Piano
2. Voyager
3. Pro55Brass
4. Elektrodes
5. Zaratustra
6. DawnChorus
7. GX Dream
8. GrooveKing
9. DistGuitar
10. ZenAirBell
11. FullString
12. Jazz Man
13. ClassPiano
14. Rock Piano
15. DX E.Piano
16. Hard EP
17. Cry Clav
18. Funky Clav
19. Deep Organ
20. Warm Organ
21. Trumpet
22. Stab Brass
23. Big Band
24. Orch Brass
25. SynthBrass
26. Flute
27. Saxophone
28. FolkGuitar
29. 12 String
30. MuteGuitar
31. SingleCoil
32. Pick Bass
33. Thumb Bass
34. SynBadBass
35. VCO Bass
36. Violin
37. Chamber Str
38. VCF String
39. Nova Quire
40. Vibraphone
41. Takerimba
42. Glocken
43. DigiBell
44. Oriental
45. VCO Lead
46. Spirit VCF
47. OZ Lead
48. Get Lucky
49. Gamma Band
50. Metal Reed
51. Modomatic
52. DataStream
53. Mystichoir
54. St.Michael
55. Scatter
56. Triton
57. Amazon
58. SatinGlass
59. BrassChime
60. Piano Mist
61. Xanadu
62. WdBass Duo
63. Drum Set 1
64. Drum Set 2


Year Released: 1989

MSRP: $995

Polyphony: 16 notes

Multitimbral: 16 parts

Preset Patches: 64

User Patches: 64

Preset Performances: 16

User Performances: 16

ROM: 2MB (74 waveforms - 50 acoustic instruments, 16 drum sounds, 8 digital waveforms) at 16-bit and 32 or 48 kHz resolution

Effects: 34 programmable digital effects

Screen: 16x2 character display

Outputs: 4x 1/4"

Power Consumption: 12 watts

Dimensions: 480 mm x 330 mm x 44 mm

Weight: 4.2kg

This is a 1-space rack unit.

MIDI: in, out, thru

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Yamaha TG55 Manual 1

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