Guitar Synths ⇝ Roland

Roland's first guitar synthesizer was the GR-500, released in 1977. Later they pioneered the use of the modern hexaphonic divided pickup with a 13-pin output cable via the GK-2A and its descendants. This de-facto-standard connection was also adopted by Yamaha and Axon.

The V-Guitar systems, while not strictly guitar synthesizers, are included here.


Boss GP-10

Boss SY-300

Roland G-77

Roland GI-10

Roland GI-20

Roland GK-1

Roland GK-2A

Roland GK-2B

Roland GK-3

Roland GK-3B

Roland GM-70

Roland GR-09

Roland GR-1

Roland GR-100

Roland GR-20

Roland GR-30

Roland GR-300

Roland GR-33

Roland GR-33B

Roland GR-50

Roland GR-500

Roland GR-55

Roland GR-700

Roland GR-77B

Roland GS-500

Roland VB-99

Roland V-Bass

Roland VG-8

Roland VG-88

Roland VG-99