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The Roland GI-10 is not technically a guitar synthesizer, but rather a guitar-to-MIDI converter with no tone generation capabilities of its own. It uses a 13-pin cable to interface with a guitar pickup such as the GK-2A and has the same tracking speed as the Roland GR-1, GR-09, GR-50, and GM-70.

The GI-10 has the ability to "thin" pitch bend data and reduce the number of MIDI messages transmitted in order to prevent overloading a connected device. It also has an attack noise filter that helps with filtering out "ghost notes" caused by attack transients.

It includes a built-in tuner and has inputs for a hold switch and an expression pedal. Configuration is done via plus and minus buttons that select parameters and change their values.

There is also a microphone input for monophonic pitch-to-MIDI conversion. The quality of conversion depends heavily on the source. It doesn't do as well with vocals as it does with instruments.


Year Released: 1995

Screen: 3-character 8-segment LED display

Power Consumption: 9V, 260 mA

Weight: 1.3 kg

Dimensions: 217 mm x 235 mm x 45 mm

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