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Roland GR-55

The GR-55 is a guitar synthesizer that includes a wide variety of sounds. Not only does it feature a good selection of synthesizer sounds, the onboard COSM effect modeling gives it the ability to create some sounds similar to V-Guitar systems like the VG-88, but it isn't a full V-Guitar system. It is the follow-up to the Roland GR-33 guitar synthesizer.

Some of the factory patches are musically unusable and only exist to demonstrate the capabilities of the device. For example, the patch "Comedian" is a laughter sample transitioning into applause. That is not something likely to be useful, but it is good for a "wow, a guitar can actually do that!?" moment.

The original GR-55 shipped with 360 factory patches (270 guitar, 90 bass) and 297 user patch memories. The 1.50 firmware update expands the factory patches to 468 (360 guitar, 108 bass).


Year Released: 2011

Preset Patches: 468

User Patches: 297

ROM: 910 waveforms

Effects: multi-effects (20 types), preamp (42 types), modulation (14 types), chorus (7 types), delay (5 types), reverb (4 types), EQ

Screen: 260 x 64 pixel LCD

Power Consumption: 9V, 700 mA

Weight: 3.3 kg

Dimensions: 405 mm x 244 mm x 106 mm

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