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The Roland D-110 is a Linear Arithmetic (LA) synthesizer released in the late 1980's. At the time, sound ROM was very expensive and of limited capacity. In order to save space and still be able to generate complex sounds, Roland designed a line of synthesizers based on building sounds from two components - attack transients and sustain waveforms. A more complex attack waveform representing the pluck of a string could be combined with a fairly simple sustain waveform to create a realistic instrument sound while using very little memory compared to storing the full waveform. This approach also gave more flexibility in combining sounds.

The D-110 was part of the second generation of LA synthesizers that included the D-5, D-10, and D-20 keyboards. They were the follow-up to the first-generation D-50 and D-550 synths.

The Roland D-110 is compatible with the PN-D10 series of expansion cards.

To play the internal ROM demo, hold down the ENTER button and push the edit button. Pushing the enter button again causes the 8 built-in songs to play. Though they're pretty cheesy, they're a great way to test the unit.

It uses a standard CR2032 battery for patch memory. This battery is not optional, so if your D-110 is behaving strangely, replacing this battery is one of the first things to try.


The D-110 has 3 internal circuit boards. These are the main board, marked "ASSY 7954410 00", the analog board, marked "ASSY 79454420 00", and the power supply board, marked "ASSY 795454440 00".

These are the chips on the main board:

IC NumberChipPins
IC5Boss R15229863
IC6Roland R1517987928
IC7Roland R1517988032
IC8Roland R1517987832
IC9Roland R15229896
IC10Toshiba 8807H TC74HCU04P14
IC11Toshiba 8830H TC74HC00P14
IC12Toshiba 8813H TC74HC27P14
IC13Toshiba HD74LS05P14
IC14Toshiba TC74HC02P14
IC15Roland R15179904-0028
IC16Roland R15239106
IC17NEC D43256AC-12L28
IC18Intel N8097BH 16-bit microcontroller68
IC19D-110 ROM on NEC D27C256AD-12
IC20Toshiba 8830H TC74HC00P14
IC21Roland R15229848


Year Released: 1988

MSRP: $995

Polyphony: 32 notes

Multitimbral: 9 parts

User Patches: 128

User Performances: 64

Preset Drum Kits: 1

ROM: 256 waveforms

Screen: 16 x 2 character LCD

Power Consumption: 12 watts

Dimensions: 482 mm x 286 mm x 44 mm

Weight: 3.7 kg

This is a 1-space rack unit.

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