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D-10 Bass and Drums Expansion CardRoland M-256D RAM CardSound Source Unlimited Digital Synths Expansion CardSound Source Unlimited New Age Expansion CardVoice Crystal 1 Expansion CardVoice Crystal 2 Expansion CardRoland LA Synthesis Best Choice Expansion CardMusic Pack Expansion CardSource Live Sound Vol. 1 Expansion CardRoland PN-D10-03 Natural Variation

The PN-D10 Expansion cards are compatible with the Roland D-10, D-20, and D-110 synthesizers.

The following cards were produced:

PN-D10-01 Unique D-Sounds
PN-D10-02 Rhythm & Bass
PN-D10-03 Natural Variation

Patches for the Roland D-series can be stored on the M-256D RAM card, which has 32 kilobytes of memory.

Other manufacturers have created cards for the Roland D-10/20/110 series of synthesizers. For example, the "Digital Synths" and "New Age" cards, produced by Sound Source Unlimited.

The "Voice Crystal" series by Eye & I Productions was also popular.

There was also the "LA Synthesis Best Choice Sound Library", "Music Pack", and "Source Live Sound Vol. 1" cards.



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Roland PN-D10-01 Sound List

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Roland PN-D10-01 - Unique D Sounds for D10/20/110Roland PN-D10-01 - Unique D Sounds for D10/20/110 ($123.16)

Roland PN-D10-01 ROM voice card (D-10 / D-20 / D-110)Roland PN-D10-01 ROM voice card (D-10 / D-20 / D-110) ($141.50)

Roland PN-D10-01 Sound Card for D10/D20/D110Roland PN-D10-01 Sound Card for D10/D20/D110 ($107.54)