Soundcards ⇝ Yamaha SW60XG

The SW60XG is a standalone ISA sound card with built-in Yamaha XG tone generator.

It was released by Yamaha in 1995 and features an AWM2 tone generator with 676 sounds in 4MB of wave ROM. In XG mode it has 480 sounds and TG300B mode it has 579 sounds. It also has 21 drum kits, with 11 available in XG mode and 10 in TG300B mode.

It is 32-note polyphonic and 16-part multitimbral. It has 3 independent on-board effects processors and 4-pole resonant filters in addition to 11 types of reverb, 11 types of chorus, and 42 types of variation effect.

It is not SoundBlaster-compatible, so it was common to install both, using the SW60XG for digital music and the SoundBlaster for gaming.

The same XG engine was available in daughterboard form as the DB50XG card.

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