Soundcards ⇝ Creative Labs Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold

The AWE64 Gold is ISA sound card that is an upgraded version of the Sound Blaster AWE32. The "AWE" stands for Advanced Wave Effects. Its Creative part number is CT4390.

It has gold-plated audio connectors and uses an E-Mu 8000 chip as its main processor. There are two variants of the AWE64: The gold version with 4MB of RAM, and the value version with 512KB of RAM and without gold-plated connectors.

The RAM could be expanded with overpriced proprietary memory boards. An aftermarket board called the AWE-SIMM was available that allowed the use of standard SIMM memory for expansion.

A PCI version of the AWE64 was later released as the AWE64 PCI and an OEM PCI version was released as the AWE64D.

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