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Casio RO-302 Latin ROM PackCasio RO-551 World Songs ROM Pack

Many Casio home keyboards have the ability to use ROM packs that contain song sequences you can learn by playing along to light-up key sequences.

These Casio models support ROM packs: CT-800, CT-805, CT-810, CT-840, MT-18, MT-28, MT-85, MT-86, MT-88, MT-800, MT-820, PT-40, PT-50, PT-80, PT-82, PT-87, PT-88, PT-180, PT-280, PT-380, PT-480, SK-8, SK-8A, the DH-280 digital horn, and the DH-800 digital horn.

This is a partial list of the ROM packs that were produced:



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Casio Casiotone PT-82 w/RO-551 Rom PackCasio Casiotone PT-82 w/RO-551 Rom Pack ($38)