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Casio PT-87

The PT-87 contains six sounds: violin, celesta, organ, trumpet, harpsichord, clarinet, piano, and flute. It can play songs from Casio ROM packs.

It takes 5 AA batteries or a 7.5 volt power adapter (casio AD-1) and lacks an audio output. It's easy to add an audio output if you're familiar with soldering. You can add a line out connection by soldering an audio out jack to the red and blue wires leading from the tone generation section to the amplifier section. This will result in a line-level audio output without interfering with the built-in speaker.

Samples of all of the PT-87 instrument sounds have been posted on Free Wave Samples.


Keyboard: 32 mini keys

Polyphony: monophonic

ROM: 8 sounds, 12 rhythms

Power Consumption: 1.2 watts

Dimensions: 408 mm x 139.5 mm x 36.5 mm

Weight: 0.75 kg

This keyboard has built-in 0.6-watt mono speaker(s).

Batteries: AA x 5

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Sound Samples

WAV samples available on freewavesamples.com.

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Casio PT-87 Manual

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