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The MU2000 is the most feature-rich of Yamaha's MU series of tone generators. It has two A/D inputs for guitar or microphone and effects can be applied to the A/D input signal. It has an optical digital output, USB and SmartMedia card slots. It also has a built in 4MB sampler and sequencer. It has 3 PLG expansion board slots for PLG-series expansion boards.

The MU2000 supports General MIDI (GM), General MIDI 2 (GM2), and XG standards. A firmware upgrade adds Roland GS support and new effects and makes it a MU2000EX module.

The MU2000 is highest-end module in a series that included the MU1000 (which lacks the sampler and sequencer) and the MU500 (which lacks sampler, sequencer, and front-panel interface buttons).


Year Released: 1999

Polyphony: 128 notes

Multitimbral: 64 parts

ROM: 1396 tones, , 58 drumkits

Screen: backlit LCD

This synth has MIDI support.

This is a tabletop module.

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