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Released after the Korg M1, the M3R is a stripped-down budget version of Korg's most popular synthesizer at the time. It uses the same AI synthesis data, but the patch structure is different.

It uses a standard 3-volt CR2032 lithium battery for memory backup. To restore factory patches after a battery failure (all performances will be set to "Init Combi"), press EDIT and GLOBAL and use the PAGE+ button to scroll to page 5 for LOAD, then use PROG button to navigate to 5D, PRESET DATA, and then press the YES button twice to confirm and load the presets.

To check the firmware revision, press and hold EDIT and GLOBAL during power-up. The version number will then be displayed. #16 is the most recent revision.

The Korg M3R can be expanded with the RSC series of expansion cards. Unlike the M1R, it does not have a corresponding keyboard model (the M3 is a much later model not related to the M3R).


Year Released: 1989

Polyphony: 16 notes

Multitimbral: 8 parts

User Patches: 100

User Performances: 100

ROM: 3MB (134 waveforms)

Screen: 16 x 2 character display

Power Consumption: 11 watts

Dimensions: 430 mm x 405 mm x 88 mm

Weight: 5.9 kg

This is a 1-space rack unit.

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