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Ensoniq MR Rack

The MR-Rack is the rackmount version of the Ensoniq MR-61 synthesizer. It can be expanded with up to 3 of the EXP series expansion boards.

It has a BR2330 3-volt lithium memory backup battery soldered to the motherboard. When it dies and needs to be replaced, a battery holder should be installed in its place in order to avoid the need to solder future replacements. A CR2032 battery is a good substitute that is more commonly available.

One of the more memorable patches is a string patch called "warm bath".

The MR series contains 36 transwaves that can be used to generate wave sequences.

Transwave list:


Year Released: 1996

MSRP: $1695

Polyphony: 64 notes

Multitimbral: 16 parts


Effects: 40

This is a 1-space rack unit.

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