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The TG300 is a 2U half-rack rompler with General MIDI capabilities. It is a step up from the TG100 and a step below the TG500.

Some later Yamaha synthesizers such as the CS2x had a TG300B mode for playback compatibility with MIDI sequences created for the TG300.


Year Released: 1993

MSRP: $895

Polyphony: 32 notes

Multitimbral: 16 parts

Preset Patches: 456

User Patches: 128

ROM: 6MB (195 waveforms at 16-bit resolution)

Effects: reverb, chorus, and variation

Screen: 21 x 8 character LCD

Power Consumption: 12V, 700 mA

Dimensions: 220 mm x 257.2 mm x 91.6 mm

Weight: 1.9 kg

This is a tabletop module.

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Yamaha TG300 Manual (1 of 3)

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Yamaha TG300 Manual (3 of 3)