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The MS2000 is a virtual analog synthesizer with a metallic blue case and wooden side panels. It has a built-in vocoder with formant shift and is powered by a 9V external power supply.

The MS2000 was also released in rack form as the MS2000R. A later revision with a built-in vocoder microphone and a darker case was released as the MS2000B. Its sound engine was reused in the MicroKorg, but without all of the realtime control knobs.


Year Released: 2000

Keyboard: 44 keys with velocity

Polyphony: 4 notes

User Patches: 128

Effects: modulation (3 types), delay (3 types), equalizer

Screen: 16 x 2 character backlit LCD

Power Consumption: 8 watts

Dimensions: 737.8 mm x 371.3 mm x 147.7 mm

Weight: 7.1 kg

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File Downloads

Korg MS2000 and MS2000R Manual

Korg MS2000 and MS2000R Easy Start

Korg MS2000 and MS2000R Manual (Deutsch)

Korg MS2000 and MS2000R Service Manual

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