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Korg 03R/W

The 03R/W is a half-height version of the Korg 01R/W synthesizer.


Year Released: 1992

Polyphony: 32 notes

Multitimbral: 16 parts

Preset Patches: 129

User Patches: 100

User Performances: 100

ROM: 6MB (255 instrument sounds, 119 drums)

Screen: 16 x 2 character backlit LCD

Power Consumption: 16 watts

Dimensions: 435 mm x 262 mm x 45 mm

Weight: 3.5 kg

This is a 1-space rack unit.

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File Downloads

Korg 03R/W Manual

Korg 03R/W Service Manual

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Voice Crystal X 03R/W 1989Voice Crystal X 03R/W 1989 ($100)

Oled Display Upgrade - Korg 03R/W (Red/White/Blue/Amber) DisplayOled Display Upgrade - Korg 03R/W (Red/White/Blue/Amber) Display ($70)

Korg 03R/W + add'l ROM sound cardKorg 03R/W + add'l ROM sound card ($200)

CBMods Korg 03R/W Digital MIDI Synth ModuleCBMods Korg 03R/W Digital MIDI Synth Module ($375.70)

Korg 03R/WKorg 03R/W ($245)

Korg 03r/w midi sound moduleKorg 03r/w midi sound module ($110)