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The K5000W is a hybrid synth - an additive synthesizer that also has a waveform ROM. It is similar to the K5000S, but without the 16 real-time control knobs and with the added General MIDI wave ROM. The K5000 is also available in rackmount form as the K5000R.

Because the K5000 series has individual control over each harmonic in a sound, there are so many parameters per patch that can be edited that editing patches with a software editor tends to be easier. An OEM K5000-only version of SoundDiver was included for just that purpose. While it was intended for use with Windows 9x, it also runs fine under Wine on Linux.

The K5000 series can be upgraded with the ME-1 expansion. It adds two additional banks of patches, E and F.


Year Released: 1996

Keyboard: 61 keys with velocity and aftertouch

Polyphony: 32 notes

Multitimbral: 32 parts

User Patches: 512

ROM: 689 waveforms at 16-bit resolution

Sequencer Memory: 40,000 notes

Sequencer Resolution: 96 PPQN

Screen: 240 x 64 pixel LCD

Weight: 14 kg

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Kawai K5000W Manual

Kawai K5000 MIDI Implementation

Kawai K5000 Series Service Manual

Kawai K5000W Supplement Disk (demo songs, extra patches, factory preset backup)

SoundDiver Kawai K5000 OEM Version

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