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Kawai K5000R

The K5000R is an additive synthesizer and is the rackmount version of the Kawai K5000S. It does not have the General MIDI sound set and 32-part multitimbrality found in the Kawai K5000W.

It has a 128-band formant filter and two LFOs, one specifically for the formant filter.

The K5000 series can be upgraded with the ME-1 expansion. It adds two additional banks of patches, E and F.


Year Released: 1997

Polyphony: 32 notes

Multitimbral: 4 parts

User Patches: 200

User Performances: 64

Arpeggiator: 40 patterns, 8 user-programmable

Outputs: 1/4" stereo pair plus another 1/4" stereo pair for individual outputs

This is a 2-space rack unit.

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File Downloads

Kawai K5000R Manual

Kawai K5000 MIDI Implementation

Kawai K5000 Series Service Manual

SoundDiver Kawai K5000 OEM Version

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