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The VZ-1 is a synthesizer based on interactive phase distortion (iPD), which is similar to FM synthesis. It can store an additional 64 patches and 64 performances (operation memories) on an RA-500 RAM card.

It is available in rackmount form as the Casio VZ-10M.


Year Released: 1988

MSRP: $1399

Keyboard: 61 keys with velocity and aftertouch

Polyphony: 16 notes

Multitimbral: 8 parts

Preset Patches: 64

User Patches: 64

Screen: 64 x 96 pixel monochrome backlit display

Outputs: two 1/4" outputs

Power Consumption: 16 watts

Dimensions: 1060 mm x 324 mm x 93 mm

Weight: 12 kg

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Casio VZ-1 Manual

Casio VZ-1 Service Manual

Casio VZ Series SysEx Patch Collection

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