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The Korg Z3 guitar synthesizer is a 1U device that uses a 24-pin guitar connector and is meant to be used with the Korg ZD3 guitar pickup.

Its latency is 20 milliseconds on average, which is faster than most guitar synths were when it was released. It uses an FM-based Yamaha YM2414 chip in its synth engine and sounds are similar to the Korg DS-8 and Yamaha TX81Z / DX11.


Year Released: 1989

Polyphony: 6 notes

Preset Patches: 128

Effects: 16-bit digital reverb

Power Consumption: 24 watts

Weight: 4.5 kg

Dimensions: 482 mm x 332.5 mm x 44 mm

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Korg Z3 Manual

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