Electronics ⇝ Yamaha Sound Chips

Yamaha has produced many custom integrated circuits for use in its synthesizers and for use in computer sound cards.



YamahaTMC3493PH No Yamaha PSR-7 keyboard
Yamaha PSR-8 keyboard
Yamaha PSR-27 keyboard
Yamaha PSR-37 keyboard
Yamaha PSR-47 keyboard
Yamaha PSR-48 keyboard
Yamaha PSR-3500 keyboard
Yamaha PSR-6700 keyboard
Yamaha SY22 synthesizer
Yamaha SY35 synthesizer
Yamaha TG33 synthesizer
YamahaY8950 NoYesYesMSX Audio
YamahaYM2128 NoNoNoDX7 Synthesizer

DX9 Synthesizer
YamahaYM2142 NoNoYamaha PSS-160
YamahaYM2149 NoYesNoMSX

Atari ST
YamahaYM2151 (OPM) NoYesNoSFG-01 FM Sound Synthesizer in the CX5M
Yamaha DX-21 Synthesizer
Yamaha DX-27 Synthesizer
Yamaha DX-100 Synthesizer
Sega System 16B
Marble Madness arcade game
YamahaYM2154 NoNo NoYamaha RX-15
Drum Machine
YamahaYM2159 NoNo No 
YamahaYM2163 NoNoNo 
YamahaYM2164 (OPP) NoNo NoKorg 707 synthesizer

Korg DS-8 synthesizer

Yamaha CX5M Music Computer

Yamaha SFG-05 synthesizer

Yamaha FB-01 sSynthesizer
YamahaYM2198 NoNoNo 
YamahaYM2203 (OPN) NoYesNoPC-6001mkII

PC-6601 SR
YamahaYM2413 (OPLL) NoYesYesSega Mark III
Yamaha PSR-6 keyboard
Yamaha PSS-140 keyboard
Yamaha PSS-170 keyboard
Yamaha PSS-270 keyboard
YamahaYM2414 (OPZ) NoNo NoYamaha TX81Z synthesizer
Yamaha YS200 synthesizer
Yamaha DX-11 synthesizer
Korg Z3 guitar synthesizer
YamahaYM2420 NoNoNoSHS-10 Synthesizer
YamahaYM2424 (OPZII) NoNoNoYamaha V50 synthesizer
YamahaYM2604 NoNoYamaha TX802 synthesizer
YamahaYM2608 (OPNA) NoNoYesNEC PC-8801 and NEC PC-9801 computers
YamahaYM2610 (OPNB) NoYesNoSNK Neo Geo
YamahaYM2612 (OPN2) NoNo NoSega Mega Drive
Sega Genesis
YamahaYM3438 (OPN2C) NoNo NoSega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis Model 2
YamahaYM3526 (OPL) NoYes NoCommodore 64 SFX Sound Expander
Bubble Bobble arcade game
YamahaYM3623B NoYesNoAkai S3000XL DAC
YamahaYM3806 NoNoNoYamaha PSR-70 keyboard
YamahaYM3812 (OPL2) NoYesNoAdLib
Sound Blaster
Yamaha PSR-11, PSR-12, PSR-31, PSR-32, PSS-460, PSS-470, PSS-560, and PSS-570 keyboards
Other OPL-2 sound cards
YamahaYM7116 (OPK) NoNoNoYamaha PSS-280 keyboard
Yamaha PSS-290 keyboard
YamahaYM7119 NoNoNoYamaha SY-55 synthesizer
Yamaha SY-99 synthesizer
Yamaha SY-77 synthesizer
Yamaha TG-77 synthesizer
YamahaYM7129 (OPK2) NoNoNo Yamaha PSS-26 keyboard
Yamaha PSS-280 keyboard
Yamaha PSS-290 keyboard
Yamaha PSS-380 keyboard
Yamaha PSS-390 keyboard
YamahaYM7137 (OPJ) NoNoNo Yamaha PSR-2 keyboard
Yamaha PSR-3 keyboard
Yamaha PSR-18 keyboard
Yamaha PSR-19 keyboard
Yamaha PSR-100 keyboard
Yamaha PSS-9 keyboard
Yamaha PSS-16 keyboard
Yamaha PSS-50 keyboard
Yamaha PSS-190 keyboard
YamahaYM7138 NoNoNo Yamaha PSS-590 keyboard
Yamaha PSS-595 keyboard
Yamaha PSS-790 keyboard
Yamaha PSS-795 keyboard
Yamaha QY10 sequencer
YamahaYMF262 (OPL3) NoYesNo Sound Blaster AWE32
Sound Blaster 16
YamahaYMF278B (OPL4) NoYesYesMoonsound MSX sound card
YamahaYMF281 NoNo No 
YamahaYMF288 (OPN3) NoNo NoLater NEC PC-9801 computers
YamahaYMF289 (OPL3) NoNo NoSound Blaster 16
YamahaYMF701 NoNo No 
YamahaYMF704 NoNo No 
YamahaYMF711 NoNo No 
YamahaYMF715 NoNo No 
YamahaYMF718 NoNo NoISA sound cards including the Yamaha Audician 32
YamahaYMF719 NoNo NoISA sound cards
YamahaYMF721 NoYesNo 
YamahaYMF724F NoYes
NoPCI Sound
YamahaYMF740C NoYes No 
YamahaYMF743 NoNoNo 
YamahaYMF744B NoYes
NoPCI Sound
YamahaYMF752 NoNo No 
YamahaYMF753 NoNoNo 
YamahaYMF754 NoYes
NoPCI Sound
YamahaYMP706 NoNo NoFS1R Synthesizer

PLG-150DX Synthesizer Expansion Board
YamahaYMU757B NoYesNoMA-1 Phones
YamahaYMU759B NoYesNoMA-2 Phones
YamahaYMU762 NoYesNoMA-3 Phones
YamahaYMU765 NoNoNoMA-5 Phones
YamahaYMU769 NoYes
NoMA-5S Phones
YamahaYMU786 NoNoNoMA-7 Phones
YamahaYMU790 NoNoNoMA-7D Phones
YamahaYMU791 NoNoNoMA-7i Phones