Electronics ⇝ Battery Size Reference

Standard battery sizes are often listed with other names, especially in manuals written outside the United States. These are alternate names for the common sizes.


006P, 1604A, 1604AC, 1604LC, 522, 6AM6, 6F22, 6LR61, 6UM6, A1604, AL-9V, E-Block, EN22, K9V, L522, PC1604, PL1604, PP3, Radio Battery, S-006, Transistor Battery, U9VL-FP


4061, 4AAAA, 25A , E96, EN96, GP25A, K4A, LR61, LR8D425, MN2500, MX2500, Quadruple A


24A, 24AC, 24G, 3AAA, 4003, 7526, 824, AL-AAA, AM4, E92, EN92, HP16, K3A, LR3, LR03X, Micro, Microlight, MN2400, MX2400, PC2400, Potlood, R03, R3, SUM-4, Triple A, UM4, UM-4


15A, 15AC, 7524, 815, ALAA, AM3, Double A, E91, EN91, HP7, HR6, LR6, Mignon, MN1500, MX1500, PC1500, Penlight, R6, SUM-3, UM3, UM-3


14AC, 14A, 814, 7522, AL-C, AM2, Baby, E93, EN93, HP11, LR14, Mignon, MN1400, MX1400, PC1400, R14, SUM-2, UM2, UM-2


1250, 13AC, 13A, 7520, 813, AL-D, AM1, E95, EN95, Goliath, HP2, HR20, LR20, MN1300, Mono, MX1300, PC1300, R20, R20MA, R20P, SUM-1, UM1, UM-1


1412A, 1412AP, 867, 4018, 4AM6, 4LR61, 4UM6, 4UM-6, 539, 7K67, KJ


23-023, 4001, 810, 910A, AM5, E90, KN, Lady Battery, LR1, MN9100, SUM-5, UM5, UM-5