Electronic Wind InstrumentsCasio ⇝ Casio DH-200

The Casio DH-200 has a built-in 2.7 watt speaker. It can be powered with five AA batteries or an AD-1 power adapter. It also has a MIDI out port for controlling other instruments. It is functionally identical to the Casio DH-100, but is black rather than silver.


Polyphony: monophonic

ROM: 6 sounds

Power Consumption: 2.7 watts

Dimensions: 517 mm x 155 mm x 100 mm

Weight: 0.8 kg

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Casio DH-200 Manual

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Casio DH-200 MouthpieceCasio DH-200 Mouthpiece ($40)

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Casio DH-200 MouthpieceCasio DH-200 Mouthpiece ($40)