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Yamaha S5502 Expansion Card

Expansion Cards for Yamaha SY22, SY35, SY55, SY77, SY85, SY99, TG33, TG55, TG77, TG500, RM50, and RY30 Synthesizers

SY/TG55 Series

The waveform card from these sets also works in the TG500.

S5501 Sax 1

S5502 Drums 1 - D5502-01 data card and W5502 waveform card. 64 patches, 14 multis, 12 waveforms.

S5503 Rock & Pop

S5504 Brass Section - D5504-01 data card and W5504 waveform card. 64 patches, 14 multis, 6 waveforms.

S5505 String Section

S5531 Syn Wave 1 - D5531-01 data card and W5531 waveform card. 64 patches, 16 waveforms.

S5551 Rock & Pop - D5551-01 data card and W5551 waveform card. 64 patches, 16 multis, 18 waveforms.

S5552 House & Latin

EMS 55 R004 MIDI Recording 55

Synth Goes Live


VC 5502W Digi Synthesizer Sound 1 (Motokazu Shinoda)

SY/TG77 Series

S7701 Sax 1

S7702 Drums 1

S7703 Rock & Pop

S7704 Brass Section

S7705 String Section

S7731 Syn Wave 1

S7732 Syn Wave 2

S7751 Rock & Pop

S7752 House & Latin

SY85 Series

S8501 Jazz and Funk

S8502 Rock and Pop

S8503 Ethnic

S85 Cards are only compatible with the SY85 and TG500.

SY22, SY35, and TG33

These expansion cards now have their own page.

RY Series Percussion Cards

RSC-3001 Percussion

RSC-3002 FX Drums

RSC-3003 House & Rap

RSC-3004 Dance & Soul

RSC-3071 Jazz & Fusion

RSC-3072 Rock Drums

RSC-3073 Metal Drums

RSC-3074 Jazz

RSC cards are not compatible with the SY85 and TG500.



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