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The CS6R uses an AWM2 engine for sound generation and also has basic phrase clip sampling and playback capability. It has slots for up to two PLG100 or PLG150 series plugin boards. It is the rackmount version of the Yamaha CS6x.


Year Released: 1999

Polyphony: 64 notes

Multitimbral: 16 parts

Preset Patches: 256

User Patches: 128

Preset Performances: 128

User Performances: 64

Preset Drum Kits: 8

User Drum Kits: 2

ROM: 16MB (479 waveforms)

Screen: 40 x 2 character backlit LCD

Power Consumption: 16 watts

Dimensions: 480 mm x 366 mm x 88 mm

Weight: 6.0 kg

This is a 2-space rack unit.

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Yamaha CS6r and CS6x Manual

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