SynthsRoland ⇝ Roland MKS-7 Super Quartet

The MKS-7 Super Quartet has four sections: melody, chord, bass, and rhythm. Its internal architecture is similar to the Roland Juno-106.

Melody section: 2 notes polyphony, 100 presets
Chord section: 4 notes polyphony, 100 presets
Bass section: monophonic, 20 presets
Rhythm section: 11 PCM waveforms


Year Released: 1986

MSRP: $1095

Polyphony: 8 notes

Multitimbral: 4 parts

Power Consumption: 25 watts

Dimensions: 482 mm x 400 mm x 88 mm

Weight: 7 kg

This is a 2-space rack unit.

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Roland MKS-7 Manual

Roland MKS-7 Service Notes