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The Nova II is a 3-oscillator analog synthesizer. The standard version has 12 notes of polyphony, while the Nova II X has 24 and the Nova II XL has 36.


Year Released: 2000

Keyboard: 49 keys

Polyphony: 12 notes

Multitimbral: 8 parts

Preset Patches: 512

Preset Performances: 256

Preset Drum Kits: 3

User Drum Kits: 1

Effects: distortion, comb filter, EQ, reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, ensemble, rotary speaker, delay, pan

Arpeggiator: 8 arpeggiators with 254 preset and 128 user-programmable patterns

Outputs: 6 assignable outputs

Dimensions: 853 mm x 298 mm x 95 mm

Weight: 8 kg

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File Downloads

Novation Nova II Manual

Novation Nova II OS Addendum v1.4

Novation Nova II OS Addendum v2.0