SynthsKurzweil ⇝ Kurzweil K2500


Year Released: 1996

Keyboard: 76 keys with velocity and aftertouch

Polyphony: 48 notes

Preset Patches: 199

Preset Performances: 100

ROM: 8MB (Expandable to 28MB)

Effects: 31 programmable DSP algorithms

Dimensions: 1214 mm x 451 mm x 122 mm

Weight: 25.4 kg

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File Downloads

Kurzweil K2500 Performance Guide Manual

Kurzweil K2500 Reference Guide Manual

Kurzweil KDFX User Guide

Kurzweil KDFX Version 2 Supplement

Kurzweil KDFX Algorithm Reference

Kurzweil K2500 KB3 Mode Addenda

Kurzweil K2500 Live Mode Addenda

Kurzweil K2500 SIMM Specs Addenda

Kurzweil K2500 Disk Partitioning Addenda