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The KARMA's name stands for Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture. Its main selling point is the ability to automatically generate appropriate accompaniments and arpeggios in realtime as you play.

Its sound engine is based on the Korg Triton. Its successor is the Korg M3 workstation, which includes the next generation of KARMA technology.

The KARMA can be expanded with up to two EXB-PCM expansion boards and the EXB-MOSS board.


Year Released: 2001

Keyboard: 61 keys

Polyphony: 62 notes

Multitimbral: 16 parts

Preset Patches: 384

User Patches: 384

Preset Performances: 384

User Performances: 256

Preset Drum Kits: 55

User Drum Kits: 16

ROM: 32 MB (425 instrument samples, 413 drum samples)

Sequencer Memory: 200,000 notes

Sequencer Resolution: 192 PPQN

Screen: 240 x 64 pixel LCD

Power Consumption: 20 watts

Dimensions: 1100 mm x 320 mm x 119 mm

Weight: 10 kg

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