SynthsHammond ⇝ Hammond XM-1


Year Released: 1997

This is a tabletop module.

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Hammond XM-1 Manual

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Hammond Sk1-73 2017  w/ Stand, Sustain PedalHammond Sk1-73 2017 w/ Stand, Sustain Pedal ($2,149.99)

Hammond XK-1C 61-Note Organ with DrawbarsHammond XK-1C 61-Note Organ with Drawbars ($1,495)

Hammond SK1 61-Note KeyboardHammond SK1 61-Note Keyboard ($1,995)

Hammond Sk1 Stage Keyboard/OrganHammond Sk1 Stage Keyboard/Organ ($1,799)

Hammond XK-1C 61-Key Organ with DrawbarsHammond XK-1C 61-Key Organ with Drawbars ($1,284.99)

Hammond CU-1 Tremolo/Off/Chorale SwitchHammond CU-1 Tremolo/Off/Chorale Switch ($184)