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The ESQ-M is a rackmount version of the Ensoniq ESQ-1. Like the ESQ-1, it can store an additional 80 user patches on a RAM cartridge.

Its filters use Curtis CEM 3379 chips.

Thanks to Mark Wynkoop for providing the manual.


Year Released: 1987

Polyphony: 8 notes

Multitimbral: 9 parts

User Patches: 40

ROM: 64 KB (32 8-bit waveforms)

Screen: 16-character fluorescent display

Outputs: 1/4" stereo pair

Dimensions: 44 cm x 30 cm x 9 cm

Weight: 5.7 kg

This is a 2-space rack unit.

Newest OS Version: 1.20

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File Downloads

Ensoniq ESQ-M Manual

Ensoniq ESQ-M Firmware Version 1.2