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The Yamaha G10 is a MIDI guitar and module combination. The module is the G10C. The guitar uses a custom cable to connect to the G10C and it is hard to replace. The G10 is played with all strings tuned to the same pitch (usually between F and G) and that can cause difficulty due to the "weirdness" of playing an untuned guitar. The guitar is intended to be strung with six 0.016" gauge plain (not wound) strings, and other strings will not work well.

According to the manual, the G10C is equipped with a complete set of specialty-programmed voices for the TX802 and TX81Z FM tone generators and they can be downloaded directly to a TX802 or TX81Z via the MIDI interface.

The G10C has 64 user-programmable performance memories and RAM4 cartridges can be used for additional storage.

The G10 is a 23-fret guitar weighing 2.5 kg and also has a breath controller input.


Year Released: 1988

Power Consumption: 30 watts

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