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Yamaha DX200

Maximum Polyphony: 16 FM voices plus 32 AWM2.

The DX200 contains a 6-operator FM synthesis engine with 32 algorithms available. The FM engine is based on the PLG-150DX plugin board.

It has 256 preset patterns and 128 user-programmable patterns.


Year Released: 2001

MSRP: $630.0

Polyphony: 16 notes

Multitimbral: 4 parts

Preset Patterns: 256

User Patterns: 128

User Songs: 10

Outputs: 2 1/4" outputs

Effects: distortion, 3-band EQ (FM only), tempo delay/reverb, flanger/chorus, phaser, amp simulator

Screen: 4 character 7-segment LED display

Outputs: 2 1/4" outputs

Weight: 1.6 kg

Dimensions: 338 mm x 208.9 mm x 51.7 mm

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Yamaha DX200 Manual

Yamaha DX200 Editor Manual

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