SequencersKorg ⇝ Korg SQD-1

The SQD-1 can only record 15,000 notes if velocity information is recorded. It can store an additional 30,000 notes on floppy disk.


Year Released: 1986

Event Memory: 30000

Multitimbral: 16 parts

Power Consumption: 20 watts

Weight: 3.6 kg

Dimensions: 403 mm x 260 mm x 74 mm


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Korg SQD-1 Manual

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Korg Sqd-1 80sKorg Sqd-1 80s ($65)

Korg SQD-1 MIDI Recorder Service Manual 1986Korg SQD-1 MIDI Recorder Service Manual 1986 ($15)

Korg SQD-1 (110 volt)Korg SQD-1 (110 volt) ($78.38)