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Yamaha RY30

The RY30 can load an additional 32 waveforms via ROM cards. In addition to RY30 and RM50 cards, it can also load sounds from some of SY/TG series expansion cards.

Some available ROM expansion cards are:


Year Released: 1991

Number of Pads: 12

Polyphony: 15 notes

Multitimbral: 16 parts

Preset Patterns: 100

User Patterns: 100

User Songs: 20

Tempo Range: 40 - 250 BPM

Sequencer Resolution: 96PPQN

ROM Size: 96 16-bit 48KHz samples

Effects: High-pass (12 and 24 dB/octave) and Low-pass (12 and 24 dB/octave) digital filters.

Screen: 24 x 2 character backlit LCD

Weight: 2.1 kg

Dimensions: 370 mm x 254 mm x 67 mm

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