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Boss DR-660

The Boss DR-660 is the follow-up to the Boss DR-550. It has more drum pads, more sounds, and a larger sequencer memory than the DR-550 and was sold at the same time as the lower-end DR-550 Mk II. It was followed by the Boss DR-770.


Year Released: 1992

Number of Pads: 16

Polyphony: 12 notes

Preset Patterns: 100

User Patterns: 150

User Songs: 100

Preset Drumkits: 7

User Drumkits: 32

Tempo Range: 20 - 260 BPM

Sequencer Resolution: 96 PPQN

ROM Size: 255 16-bit waveforms

Effects: reverb, chorus

Weight: 0.72 kg

Dimensions: 215 mm x 165 mm x 57 mm

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Boss DR-660 Manual

Boss DR-660 Service Notes

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