SynthsRoland ⇝ Roland SR-JV80 Expansion Boards

Roland SR-JV80-02 OrchestralRoland SR-JV80-16 Orchestral II

The Roland JV-80, JV-90, JV-1000, JV-880, and JV-1010 synths from the JV series can be expanded with one SR-JV80 wave expansion board, as can the JD-990 and the Fantom FA-76.

The XP-30 and XV-88 can accept up to two SR-JV80 boards.

The XP-50/60/80, JV-1080, XV-3080, and XV-5080 can accept up to four expansion boards.

The JV-2080 can accept up to eight SR-JV80 expansion boards.

With the exception of the Experience series, these boards all contain 8 megabytes of waveform data.

SR-JV80-01 POP Expansion Board (Manual)

SR-JV80-02 ORCHESTRAL Expansion Board (Manual)

SR-JV80-03 PIANO Expansion Board (Manual)

SR-JV80-04 VINTAGE SYNTH Expansion Board (Manual)

SR-JV80-05 WORLD Expansion Board (Manual)

SR-JV80-06 DANCE Expansion Board (Patch List)

SR-JV80-07 SUPER SOUND SET Expansion Board - This board contains data from the SO-PCM1 series of expansion cards. (Manual)

SR-JV80-08 KEYBOARDS OF THE 60's & 70's Expansion Board (Manual)

SR-JV80-09 SESSION Expansion Board (Manual)

SR-JV80-10 BASS AND DRUM Expansion Board (Manual)

SR-JV80-11 TECHNO COLLECTION Expansion Board (Manual)

SR-JV80-12 HIP HOP Expansion Board (Manual)

SR-JV80-13 VOCAL COLLECTION Expansion Board (Manual)

SR-JV80-14 ASIAN Expansion Board (Manual)

SR-JV80-15 SPECIAL FX Collection Expansion Board (Manual)

SR-JV80-16 ORCHESTRAL II Expansion Board (Manual)

SR-JV80-17 COUNTRY Collection Expansion Board (Manual)

SR-JV80-18 LATIN Collection Expansion Board (Manual)

SR-JV80-19 HOUSE Collection Expansion Board (Manual)

The Experience boards are created from a subset of waveforms from the other expansion boards. They were intended as promotional items to showcase the expandability of the JV and XV synthesizers, but they do contain some original patches not found on other boards.

SR-JV80-97 EXPERIENCE 3 Expansion Board [34 waveforms, 100 patches] (Patch List)

SR-JV80-98 EXPERIENCE 2 Expansion Board [27 waveforms, 100 patches] (Patch List)

SR-JV80-99 EXPERIENCE Expansion Board [19 waveforms, 64 patches] (Patch List)

The 97 and 98 boards are not compatible with the JD-990, and the patch data does not work with the JV-80, JV-880, JV-80, and JV-1000. The waveforms are usable, though. The 99 board is incompatible with the JD-990.