Sound Programming

SynthsEnsoniq ⇝ Ensoniq SQ-1

Year Released: 1991

MSRP: 1595.0

Keyboard: 61 keys with velocity

Polyphony: 21 notes

Multitimbral: 24 parts

Preset Patches: 100

User Patches: 80

Rom: 3MB (167 16-bit waveforms including 1 MB piano)

Dimensions: 1026 mm x 340 mm x 130 mm

Weight: 11.3 kg

21-note and 32-note-polyphonic versions of the SQ-1 exist.

Latest OS Version: 1.11

Latest OS Version For SQ-1 32: 2.03

Latest OS Version For SQ-1+: 1.15

User Demos

File Downloads

KSEdit for Ensoniq SQ Synths (Works with Ensoniq KS-32, SQ-1, SQ-2, and SQ-R)

Ensoniq SQ-1 Plus and SQ-2 Manual

KSEdit by Erwin Petter (Freeware for Windows)