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The Yamaha TX802 is a 6-operator FM synthesizer and is the rack-mount version of the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer. It can use patches from the DX7 and is known for its ability to create great electric pianos, synth brass, analog-like sounds, and bells.

Line Outputs: 10 (8 individual, 2 mixed)

MIDI: In, Out, Thru

Firmware Revisions (ROM XB224):

Version 1.0 released 22-APR-87

Version 1.1 released 25-JUN-87

Version 1.2 released 31-JUL-87

Version 1.3 released 27-OCT-87

Version 1.4 released 25-MAR-88

Version 1.5 released 17-JUN-88 (Servicing ROM XB224007)


Year Released: 1988

MSRP: $1995

Polyphony: 16 notes

Multitimbral: 8 parts

Preset Patches: 128

User Patches: 64

Power Consumption: 15 watts

Dimensions: 480 mm x 287 mm x 94.5 mm

Weight: 4.9 kg

This is a 2-space rack unit.

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Yamaha TX802 Manual

Yamaha TX802 Service Manual

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