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The DX21 is a 4-operator FM synthesizer and one of the most limited of the DX line due to the keyboard's lack of both velocity and aftertouch sensitivity. It has 8 different algorithms available, similar to the other 4-operator Yamaha FM synths, and is patch-compatible with some of the other 4-operator devices, such as the DX27, DX100, and TX81Z.


Year Released: 1985

MSRP: $895

Keyboard: 61 keys

Polyphony: 8 notes

Preset Patches: 128

User Patches: 32

User Performances: 32

Screen: 16x2 character LCD

Power Consumption: 7 watts

Dimensions: 909 mm x 82 mm x 270 mm

Weight: 8 kg

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Yamaha DX21 Manual

Yamaha DX21 Performance Notes

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