SynthsFormanta ⇝ Formanta Polivoks

Oscillators: 2 VCOs

Filters: Low Pass/Band Pass with ADSR envelope

Weight: 18 kg

User-Created Demo Videos:


Year Released: 1982

Keyboard: 49 keys

Polyphony: 2 notes

User Demo Videos

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Formanta Polivoks Manual (Russian)

Formanta Polivoks Schematics (Annotated in Russian)

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Formanta Polivoks with midi mod 1987 my home demo-video ($1,152.26)

Polivoks / Polyvox Rare Vintage ANALOG Soviet Analog Synthesizer ($850)

KVINTET Rare Vintage Ussr SOVIET Analog Synthesizer Polivoks Juno With Case ($349)