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Alesis Fusion 8HD

Polyphony varies based on the type of synthesis being used. Each of the dual TI processors can run a single engine of sample playback, FM, virtual analog, reed physical modeling, or wind physical modeling. The polyphony for each processor is (double the polyphony if using the same synthesis type for both processors):

Performance patches are referred to as "mixes".

The 61-key version is the Alesis Fusion 6HD.


Year Released: 2005

Keyboard: 88 keys with velocity and aftertouch

Preset Patches: 512

Preset Performances: 128

Preset Drum Kits: 24

Effects: 57 insert effects, 64 bus effects, and a 4-band master EQ

Power Consumption: 50 watts

Dimensions: 1308 mm x 356 mm x 127 mm

Weight: 25.6 kg

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Alesis Fusion Manual (Revision C)

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