SamplersAkai ⇝ Akai S6000

Memory: 8MB standard, 256MB max (4 SIMM Slots)

Filters: Resonant, 26 types

LFOs: 2, 9 different waveforms

Converters: 18-bit A-D converters with 64 times oversampling (5th Order Delta Sigma), D-A converters are 20-bit with 128 times oversampling (Delta Sigma) with 8x digital filter on all outputs.

Display: 320x240 pixel LCD (Detachable)

Connectors: 8x Audio Out, 2x Audio In, 2x MIDI out, 2x MIDI in, 2x 50-pin SCSI

Dimensions (H x W x D): 410 x 482.6 x 410mm

Weight: 8.9kg/19.6 lbs

Power Requirements: AC100-240V 50/60Hz 28W (60w max.)


Year Released: 1998

Polyphony: 128 notes

Multitimbral: 32 parts

Effects: SampleVerbII (EB20) 20-bit 4-Channel Multi-effects processor

This is a 4-space rack unit.


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Akai S5000 and S6000 Manual

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