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Yamaha G50

The G50 is a 1U rackmount guitar-to-MIDI converter with no sound generation capabilities of its own. It is mean to be a controller for external MIDI equipment and Yamaha recommended using it with the MU50 or MU80 tone generator, or with the VL-1 or VL-70m virtual acoustic synthesizers.

It has a 13-pin guitar input and is meant to be used with a guitar equipped with a Yamaha G1D or Roland GK-2A adapter, or with a 13-pin-enabled guitar such as the Godin LGX-SA or Brian Moore i8.13.


Year Released: 1996

User Patches: 128

Screen: 3-digit 7-segment LED

Weight: 2.2 kg

Dimensions: 482.6 mm x 201.8 mm x 44.0 mm


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