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Roland DR-5

The DR-5 is a drum machine with backing accompaniment and can be used to sequence entire songs. Its design is geared toward guitarists who want to add drum, bass, and keyboard parts to their songs.


Year Released: 1994

Number of Pads: 36

Polyphony: 19 notes

Preset Patterns: 200

User Patterns: 200

User Songs: 20

Preset Drumkits: 48

User Drumkits: 16

Tempo Range: 40 - 250 BPM

Sequencer Resolution: 48 PPQN

ROM Size: 256 waveforms at 16-bit resolution

Screen: custom LCD

Weight: 0.93 kg

Dimensions: 226 mm x 180 mm x 45 mm

The DR-5 can be powered with six AA batteries.

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